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Domination is BACK!

Pragrazoo, Jan 12, 14 3:39 PM.
Just wanted to let everyone know that we are back playing WoW again and have a bunch of former members back in game with us. We are starting from the bottom but have a determined group that wants to have fun. We are not going to be the same Domination....we are a little bit older and want more of a casual feel to the guild (less stress) we always pushed the hard core raiding aspect of game. We are looking to raid once or twice a week. That's about it...since most of us have families and jobs. Working on LFR's and Flex right now and will move to 10 man normal when we get the numbers.

Anyways good to be back...and shoot me a tell in game for invites/saying hello.

Guild Master

25 man Princes abdicate there throwns to Domination!

Pragrazoo, May 20, 10 12:56 PM.

To all those that stuck by Domination when we were down...I want to thank you....PP 25 man dead!!!

Pragrazoo, May 6, 10 1:14 AM.

Arthas, we're coming for you!

Ezarg, May 1, 10 1:03 AM.
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